Cushion Covers With Solution-Dyed Acrylic Fabric

Cushion Covers With Solution-Dyed Acrylic Fabric

No more hassle and worry about your cushions being wet for your outdoor barbecue.  Our covers are custom made for any size cushion. 


    Our acrylic waterproof canvas fabric is 100% acrylic. Unlike our traditional canvas fabric where color is applied to the surface after the production, the solution-dyed canvas has acrylic fibers that are dyed at the earliest stages of production, therefore creating a color lock before the fiber even becomes a solid yarn. This allows for the colors to be extremely UV resistant, allowing Creative Covers to provide a 10 year limited warranty on this fabric. The fabric also has mold resistant qualities (mildew grows on dirt, pollen and other organic matter, so simple routine cleanings will prevent mildew from forming). In addition, the solution-dyed acrylic waterproof fabric can be bleached to remove tougher stains without compromising color.

     It has also been manufactured particularly to resist creasing despite its pliability. This fabric is sure to maintain its strength and durability throughout the years, outlasting harsh and extreme outdoor conditions.



    No returns. Our product is custom made. 

  • Custom Sizes

    Please look at our measuring guidelines and email us for a perfect fit. 

  • Features and Benefits

    Creative covers is a cover that easily folds out and over the cushions to protect them from dirt, light rain, and morning dew. Even though the cover is waterproof material the cushion may get damp with heavy rains so we made it easy to close and pick up to take indoors. 

  • Ordering

    Just give us the sizes of your top and bottom cushions and we will figure out the rest. Please refer to our measuring guidelines on our home page.

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