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I have too many cushions to bring in daily or when it rains. Cushion covers I’ve used before are cumbersome and a hassle to take on and off. It always seemed when I had a barbecue; it would rain the night before or the morning of my party. Having my company sit on wet cushions was embarrassing.  Last year, I thought of a permanent cover that would be easy to roll behind the top cushion to help this problem tremendously. The best part is you don’t need ever to take them off. Just roll the cover behind when using then back down at night. I had a prototype made and tested one myself. I was so excited to see that my cushions weren’t as wet and dried much faster. They will only get a little damp, depending on what kind of chair you have. If your chair has open sides, then the cushions get a little water on ends and some water can travel on top of the cushion, however, nowhere near as bad with no cover. A closed side chair works best. I have pictures of both types on my website for you to see. Our covers also help keep cushions cleaner and, if needed, due to a massive, windy rainstorm, are easy to carry in. Now you can carry in double the amount of cushions with our creative cover. I hope you will love our covers as much as I do. 

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Michele Colondona

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